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Asphalt Legends Unite: Cross-platform details

Each passing day, we inch a bit closer to the launch of Asphalt Legends Unite!


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Each passing day, we inch a bit closer to the launch of Asphalt Legends Unite, which means we’re closer to cross-platform finally becoming a reality! 

Cross-platform will bring a ton of new possibilities, making this technical challenge all the more worth it.

With Cross-play being enabled with the launch of Asphalt Legends Unite, the entire world will be unlocked to play against.

You’ll be able to add your friends to your club or friends list no matter what platform they choose to play on, and multiplayer events will finally allow you to challenge anyone who’s online, allowing for shorter wait times.

We’ve even started exploring what these possibilities can bring to the game, as Asphalt Legends Unite will release with private lobbies for the first time, allowing you to invite players directly to take part in a private race.

Even our E-sport events will have a new added layer of excitement, as we’ll have the chance to crown a true world champion, and not just a platform champion, so get ready for some exciting races!  

Bringing everyone under the same roof comes with its challenges, as we aim to bring a fair experience for all and bridge a few technical requirements. So, let’s have a look at the details on what to expect once Asphalt Legends Unite arrives. 


Cross-play and Cross-save details 

Cross-platform will allow for 2 different features: Cross-play and Cross-save.

Cross-play enables you to play against other platforms, for example allowing you to match against console players while playing on your phone.  

Cross-play will be enabled across all platforms.

Cross-save allows you to transfer your game progress to a different device, for example transferring your account progress on your iPhone to be able to continue playing on a PC. 

As you’ve already seen, we’ve released Gameloft ID, and this will allow you to transfer your progress between devices once Asphalt Legends Unite releases.

Gameloft ID will allow for cross-save between the following platforms:

  • Android
  • IOS
  • Xbox
  • Windows
  • Steam

We’ll also be making it possible to transfer your saved progress with your Facebook and Microsoft accounts, but those will be limited to their respective supported platforms.

However,  Gameloft ID will not be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 accounts, as they are linked to your Sony and Nintendo login..  

Nintendo Switch Control Changes

With Cross-play, all platforms will finally be able to face each other at live and multiplayer events.

For this reason, we want to ensure that our players are on equal footing and have the same experience and opportunities. This also means offering the same controls over all platforms.

The Nintendo Switch version of Asphalt 9: Legends had a customized driving experience, with some changes being made to how cars performed in-game.

Once Asphalt Legends Unite releases, we’ll be adapting the Nintendo Switch version to the global version, matching the driving experience of all our player base, and allowing for fairer online competition.

We’re aware this could take some getting used to, but it was the only solution to allowing us to offer a proper cross-play experience amongst all platforms. 


Asphalt Diamonds

A new currency will be introduced and sold in the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Stores: Asphalt Diamonds.

This currency will act as a conversion currency allowing you to convert them into Tokens inside Asphalt Legends Unite.

Asphalt Diamonds will be easily found in your platform’s store and allow you to take full advantage of each store’s wallet and benefits, while still be able to find and browse all our season and special offers in the in-game store as usual.

Please note Asphalt Diamonds will not be a substitute or replacement for Tokens in-game and you will still be able to use your current Tokens as usual. 


Unique Names

As everyone migrates to the same game-space, we’re also implementing unique names, to allow for a smoother transition into cross-platform.

Once you login to Asphalt Legends Unite, you’ll notice your name will gain a unique number #ID next to it (for example: BobtheDev#1234).

This new hashtag number will be automatically generated for every account and will still allow you to edit the name without fear of it being taken by someone else.  

Of course, the name will still have to fall in with the new name limitations, which is a maximum of 15 characters and featuring a maximum of 6 digits. 


Club Names and Mottos

Once all accounts have been migrated, Club Names and Mottos will need to be confirmed by the Club Owner.

It will just require the Club Owner to go the club settings and either approve the current Club Name and Motto or set a new one to his liking. Club names and mottos do not require to be unique, so don’t worry, you’ll still be able to get your current Club Name.

Until the Club owner is able to confirm the club name and motto, be aware that the Club name will appear as a placeholder name publicly, such as in leaderboards.

Note: At the moment, each time Club ownership changes, the club will display a placeholder name until the new Owner approves them. We’re already working on a system to avoid this for our next update, so please bear with us for the time being.


And these are all the small changes that cross-platform will bring once Asphalt Legends Unite releases on July 17th. We hope you’re as excited as we are and can’t wait to see you on the new track next month!


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