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A9 Bank Launch

We're happy to inform you that, having concluded the test, the A9 Bank will finally be available for all!
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Some of our most avid Legends have probably noticed we’ve been testing a new feature, the A9 Bank, for the past year.

The A9 Bank allows players to earn extra tokens for each race they complete. Completing a certain number of races will unlock a Tier, allowing you to purchase Tokens at a discounted rate.

We will be aiming to release the new A9 Bank on the 6th of June.

For all of those who have been helping us test the feature so far, this will mean your current A9 Bank progress will reset, and you can expect a little gift from us as a thank you for helping us test it successfully.

Here’s a quick guide on what to expect from the new A9 Bank:

   - Completing a Race will earn you bonus Tokens for your A9 Bank.

   - Each Race completed will count towards completing your current A9 Bank Tier.

   - Each Tier requires 50 races to complete. (except for your first two introductory tiers)

   - Completing a Tier will allow you to purchase and claim your earned Tokens at great value.

   - Claiming a Tier will progress you to the next Tier.

   - There are 10+ Tiers to complete.

   - As you increase your Tier you will earn more tokens per race.

   - You have 7 days to claim your first free tier but don't worry if you miss it, it will reset and you can claim it again.

   - For all other tiers you will have 3 days to purchase it, or your progress in the Tier will reset, and you will de-tier 1 Tier.

   - You can only de-tier until Tier 3.

   - After Tier 10, you will unlock a repeatable tier, offering the best value.

Join our Discord and share your feedback!

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