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DEUS Vayanne Special Event

It's not just a car; it's a masterpiece on wheels, a symphony of innovation and design. Deus Vayanne promises to deliver an unparalleled driving experience that will leave you speechless.

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The DEUS Vayanne elegantly balances stunning aesthetic forms with ingenious technical solutions to create a beautiful car with innovative design features. The design of the Vayanne is centered around symmetry and infinity to embody the concept of timelessness. 


Prepare to be mesmerized by the latest addition to the Class S family – introducing the awe-inspiring DEUS Vayanne, our cutting-edge electric hypercar! Its design inspires a refined luxury that will make your garage shine. Its exceptional performance catapults you to road royalty with its mind-blowing velocity and acceleration. Get ready to conquer the streets with this magnificent beast!

Alba Molas, Game Designer 

A9_UP33_BDC_Deus_Vayanne_V3.png Asphalt 9: Legends

Complete 420 conditions to get the decal!


14004 422.483.3838.3924.12
24193 425.283.9440.0128.17
54852434.885.94 45.8541.6
65082 438.786.5547.6147.08


McLaren Artura is going to be featured as the entry car for this Special Event, but don’t worry! The car will be set on Free Try and you won’t need to own the Legend Pass car to advance until Stage 11.

The first half of the Special Event will require players to have all tiers except the highest one for all support cars, while the latter half will challenge them to attain the final tier and apply a specific number of Epic Import Parts in preparation for the race.

Explore multiple driving styles and race on various tracks through the two main game modes awaiting you: Classic and Slipstream.

Get ready to unlock up to 60 DEUS Vayanne Blueprints and the key when maxed by successfully completing all 440 conditions. The packs will become accessible at the 300 conditions mark.

The event will offer you the opportunity to win the De Tomaso P72 key after maxing the car, tokens, season tokens, credits, packs, and Epic Import Parts for the main car in the second half of the event.


Join the Special Event and let us know your thoughts on our social channels!   

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