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Enhance the power of your favorite cars by using our brand new overclock chips!

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A brand-new feature is coming this update to Asphalt 9: Legends!  

With Overclock you’ll give cars in your garage an extra boost, applying a direct buff to their stats for a limited time.  

What is Overclock?  

Overclock is a temporary boost to a car’s stats which can be applied to select cars in your garage.  

To activate Overclock, you will first need access to a car, either via unlock or free try, and use Overclock Chips to activate it.  

Which cars are available for Overclocking?  

Each Season will feature a select list of cars that will be available for Overclocking.  

The cars available for Overclocking each Season can change and are ensured to include some useful picks that will surely be helpful in the upcoming events.  

You’ll need to head into your garage to see which cars are currently available for Overclock.  

How do I Overclock a car?  

Once you have made your choice, head over to the Upgrades screen.  

Here you’ll be able to see the Overclock screen, showing you details of the boost which will be applied, and showing an expiration date time for the Overclock you will be activating.  

Once you’re happy with your choice and have the required Overclock Chips, just tap to activate.  

How do I obtain Overclock Chips?  

Overclock Chips can be obtained as rewards during Overclock Time limited events, purchased directly from the Shop in offers and bundles, and can be included in other event rewards in the future.  

What is an Overclock Pass?  

An Overclock Pass can be purchased for a set duration of days and will automatically activate Overclock on all overclockable cars in the active Seasons.  

If a new Season starts while your Overclock Pass is active, your Overclocked cars will automatically change to those overclockable in the new Season. 

Can others tell if I used Overclock?  

Yes. You’ll be able to clearly see which of your opponents has Overclock active in the pre-race Lobby and it will also be clearly marked on any Leaderboards.   

Where will Overclock be active?  

The buff provided by an active Overclock will be active in any regular event or race your car can participate in, including Multiplayer events, for the rest of the day.  

Bear in mind some events will not allow the Overclock buff to be active, such as E-sports qualifiers, and it will be clearly indicated in the event itself.  


I think we’ve covered all the basics, so all that’s left is for you to check it out in the game!  

Once you do, make sure to share your thoughts with us. We’ll be paying close attention to all your feedback to help guide our future decisions.  

Don't forget to check out our Overclock Video!

Hope to see you in Discord!

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