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Season Tokens

We are happy to announce that this season brings a whole new reward system: Season Tokens!
 Asphalt 9: Legends

As Seasons move by in Asphalt 9, the team wanted to find a way to reward our players who participate in all our events throughout a season, while also offering a way to unite your efforts to help work towards our seasonal rewards.

Introducing Season Tokens will also increase player agency, allowing you a choice of which reward to unlock, instead of simply relying on the linear rewards offered in specific events.

To help better understand the concept, let us have a closer look at how the brand-new Seasonal currency will work.

What are Season Tokens?

Each Season will bring a set of rewards to your store, which will be purchasable with Season Tokens: a new currency which can be earned by participating in our events during a specific Season. 

Seasons will feature a variety of rewards to choose from, so you will be able to focus on obtaining the ones that cater best to your current needs, instead of relying on fixed rewards.

However, Season Tokens will only be available during a specific season, and any leftover Season Tokens will be partially converted into Tokens once a season ends. 

You will receive 3% of your total unspent Season Tokens as Tokens at the end of a season, up to a maximum of 2,000 Tokens per season , so for example if you had 10,000 unspent Season Tokens, you’d receive 300 Tokens at the end of the season. 

Make sure to claim all your rewards from the shop before the season ends as both the rewards on offer and Season Tokens expire.

How will I earn Season Tokens?

We will be using next season as an introduction to Season Tokens, and you will be able to earn a large amount of Season Tokens by simple engaging with our events during the season such as:

  •    Legend Pass Tiers
  •    Special Events
  •    Grand Prix
  •    Car Hunts and Key Hunts
  •    TLEs
  •    Currency Craze
  •    Drive Syndicate
  •    Multiplayer milestones

As you can see, participating in almost every aspect of Asphalt 9 during this Introductory Season will offer you a chance to earn Season Tokens and earn Seasonal rewards.

The Team will also be looking forward to our community feedback during the season, as we adapt our Season Token sources in upcoming Seasons.

Where can I use Season Tokens?

All you need to do is head over to the A9 Shop, where you will be able to find specific rewards which you can exchange for your Season Tokens, such as Car Blueprints, Epic Import Parts and other rewards.

Legend Pass Benefits

The Legend Pass will be even more useful during a season, as not only will it be one of the key sources for Season Tokens, and it will also provide you with a unique bonus at the end of the season, as it will double the Season Token to Token conversion rate from 3% to 6% up to a maximum of 2,000 Tokens per season. This means that you will get double the number of Tokens you would receive when your Season Tokens expire at the end of each season.

For example, to achieve the maximum conversion of 2,000 tokens at the end of the season:

  • Without legend pass (3%): you will need 66,666 Season tokens to receive 2,000 tokens end of season.
  • With legend pass (6%): you will need 33,333 Season tokens to receive 2,000 tokens end of season.

We hope this new currency helps provide even more choice in your rewards each season, no matter what part of the game you most enjoy.

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